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15 Reasons Why Saraswati College of Engineering is the Best Engineering College in Navi Mumbai

It’s likely that many of the students have difficulty deciding which option in your engineering colleges is the one that deserves their time, money and trust. This selection can be a daunting process for people that don’t have the experience to know what separates one college from another.

So here are the 15 Reasons why you should choose Saraswati College of Engineering?

  1. A High-Tech Green Campus with High-Speed Wi-Fi Connectivity

Any great institution always thrives upon great infrastructure, which is not only world class but also environmentally conscious and sustainable with a minimum social cost. Therefore, first and foremost, Saraswati College of Engineering (SCOE) aims to set up a high-tech campus with the best environment-friendly practices and technologies. Saraswati College of Engineering (SCOE) proposes to set up a campus which is energy efficient utilizing natural light and natural ventilation using the latest architectural trends and technologies.
The planning will be such to ensure glare-free daylight in all regularly occupied areas. Along with these green initiatives, the campus will be equipped with high-speed 4G internet connectivity which forms the backbone of today’s information & knowledge economy. This all pervasive connectivity will ensure that knowledge sharing and access is seamless across the campus.

  1. The Advantage of being located in Kharghar, Navi Mumbai, The education city of Maharashtra.

Kharghar is a well-known education hub of India. It is especially known for various large and small educational institutes. Every year more than thousands of students from across India come to Kharghar to pursue their dreams of Engineering. Because of this huge influx of students every year, Kharghar has a thriving economy based on Institutes, Hostels, Messes and other ancillary services. Kharghar has developed an orientation to cater to the needs of these students. Moreover, Kharghar is also located in a way that it is well connected by both Rail and Roads with many important trains passing through. Apart from Infrastructure, over the years Kharghar has also imbibed a competitive spirit in itself, which makes this city a Mecca of Competitive Exam Education. Therefore, Kharghar offers a natural advantage to students by the virtue of its competitive spirit and student-centric infrastructure.

  1. Proven Leadership with Vision & Integrity

An Institute is defined by its culture. Culture devolves from its leadership. The Force &  vision of Leadership in infancy of institute will define the Quality and Delivery in its prime. Mr. Prithviraj Deshmukh, trustee of Sarasvati Education Society is one such personality of impeccable integrity and sky high vision. Being an Educationist-Entrepreneur, he is well aware of his responsibilities as a teacher and an educationist. Mr. Deshmukh envisions not only a capable graduate but an empathetic global citizen. Presence of Mr. Deshmukh at the helm of this initiative in itself is a great assurance that SCOE will conform to exacting standards he has set for himself.

  1. Contemporary Course Curriculum designed as per Industry Needs

It has been a consistent concern of industry that students graduating in various streams are not Industry ready and curriculum design is not contemporary enough to address all the requirements in today’s fast changing world. Being Top Engineering college in Navi Mumbai, SCOE will hold wide ranging consultation with Industrial experts to understand latest trends in their industry, functions and their needs in a fresh graduate. Based on these inputs, a curriculum oriented towards Industry readiness of students will be designed. This course structure will ensure high employability of students and quick industry acceptance. This will not be one time process but every year the course structures will be updated to be in sync with Industrial and Global standards.

  1. Interactive Learning Methodology

World over, Educationists are experimenting with teaching methodology. Unlike previous method of Teaching in Classroom via lectures and home work for home, a new thought of flipped Classroom is emerging and gaining ground. This methodology advocates that theory learning or lectures are delivered to students via Videos or slides at their homes using latest technologies like virtual classrooms and video lectures. After that in lecture students are asked to solve problems based on earlier lectures. Traditionally, the teacher engages with the students who ask questions, but those who don’t ask tend to need the most attention. Flipping allows a teacher to target those who need the most help rather than the most confident.

  1. Grading System imbibing best of leading Indian & Global Institutes

World over in all leading institutes, the assessment methodology and grading systems of students is under sharp scrutiny. Intense debate is going on about the best way to evaluate and grade students. Saraswati Education Society will establish such a credit based grading system which promotes year-long assessment system instead of relying heavily on semester end examination, which test only a part of what is taught in entire semester. Such a system will encourage students to keep learning for the entire duration. Student who is continuously working will be rewarded more than someone who is merely doing well in final examination.

  1. International Exchange Program (IntExPro)

Saraswati College of Engineering (SCOE) also aims to establish a meaningful International Student Exchange Program. International learning and knowledge propels students towards acceptance and understanding of different cultural and community perspectives. Such program also lead to Self-development, self-confidence and self-esteem with maturity and social poise, fuelled by the necessity to confront challenges outside a familiar support network and comfort zone, integration into another culture as well as the development of life-long friendships, fostering an appreciation of home and family. A tremendous sense of accomplishment upon completion encourages students to develop independent opinions, make informed decisions and strive to attain fresh goals. Students who go on to tertiary studies find themselves more comfortable in ‘foreign’ environments.

  1. Global Campus attracting students from across the World

Saraswati College of Engineering (SCOE) aims to become not only a national institute of repute but it also aims to become one of the leading institutes across the world. Therefore, it is imperative that we are able to attract and retain best students from all parts to world and equally diverse faculty team to engage them. Therefore, it is necessary to provide them the facilities and environment which matches their expectations from any world level institute. To this effect, SCOE will set up an International Student Campus with infrastructure and environment which enables a smooth transition from their country to our campus. The campus will offer residential facilities, culinary and other services exacting International standards.

  1. Placement and Career Advancement Cell

It has been a consistent feedback from Industry that students though very learned in technical aspects are not directly employable and lack many other characteristics which can make them an efficient professional. Placement and Career Advancement Cell of Saraswati College of Engineering will have three primary functions. First, it will work employability aspect of students. It will organize various training programs to improve skill set of students. The training types will range from Core skills like Computer usage to soft skills like conflict management and presentation skills. It will also cover cultural and social skills like dining etiquettes and dressing skills etc. The trainings will be organized by calling Industry experts from various sectors, which will also improve Industry Interaction of students. The second function of this cell would be to ensure placement of all students as per their skill sets and aspirations. The cell, based on employability index of each students, would work to match them on Industry requirements ensuring a win-win-win situation for students, Institute and Industry. The third function of this cell would be to act as an alumni engagement platform. By engaging with alumni the cell would be able to organize better training program for students, offer better placement services. This cell will also act as Job portal for the alumni by providing them opportunities posted by other alumni on the network thus helping them in their own career advancement.

  1. Fostering Entrepreneurship with an Incubation Centre

India today is awash with success stories of Indian entrepreneurs. Infosys, Flipkart, Zomato, etc. are some of those names. These stories have given a great confidence to students and many of them are leaving corporate jobs to start their own ventures. Therefore, entrepreneurship shall be one of the cornerstones of student development program at SCOE. To promote a culture of Entrepreneurship in Students and Professors, Saraswati College of Engineering (SCOE) will setup a state-of-the-art Incubation centre will infrastructure required by any budding start-up. This infrastructure will be available to students and faculty at a zero or nominal cost. This will enable them to develop their ideas into products and launch them in market at quick pace.

  1. Strong Scholarship Program for Weaker Section based on Merit

Saraswati Education Society, in its objective mentions about upliftment of weaker sections of society especially for socially backward and tribal communities. It continuously works towards these objectives by way of charities, health camps, relief operations etc. To fulfil this objective Saraswati College of Engineering (SCOE) establish a comprehensive scholarship program to award scholarship in Tuition fee under various schemes. These scholarships will have awarded on multiple criteria like academic performance and achievements, interview, Income Group with special relaxation for students under reservation categories.

  1. Proposed Special Provisions for Women Students

The proposed university shall make all efforts to increase participation of women and make it a comfortable place for them to learn and live safely. The residential & mess facilities for girl students will be separate from other establishments. The facilities will be secured using latest security systems to keep them safe from any sort of mischief. To address their specific concerns a women grievance redressal cell will be established. This cell will be staffed by females only to make it easily approachable by students. Institute will also adopt a strict policy against all sorts of harassment including sexual harassment clauses. The institute will ensure to make environment as comfortable for every one without restricting the interaction and impeding knowledge sharing, which is back bone of any knowledge organization.

  1. Well Qualified & Experienced Faculty Team

The proposed university will ensure that only most qualified faculty team is employed. The Faculty shall be hired as per UGC/AICTE and norms set by respective regulatory bodies. In addition to this a strict recruitment program will be followed to ensure only the best faculty members.

  1. Global Collaboration

The proposed university will have multiple collaboration with Institutes across the globe to provide best exposure to students and make them ready not only for Indian but International Markets.

  1. Integrated and Multiple Courses in single college

The University will offer a range of Integrated courses in Engineering, Polytechnic, Fashion Design, Interior Design, Fine Arts and Digital Marketing fields. This will enable students to choose a program as per their career aspirations in a shorter duration with a comprehensive
coverage of multiple streams.